Money Transfer 

UCI’s financial and ecommerce ecosystem will have access to traditional and mobile global money movement mechanisms through established affiliations with existing traditional banks and marketplace partners. Another future endeavor will be establishing a money transfer service, most likely via strategic agreements with already secure and compliant partners.  UCI’s team is well connected in this space and have already begun laying the groundwork for those relationships. The transfer service’s lifeblood will be cryptocurrency, keeping fees low, speeds high. Predominantly encouraging the use of UCoin, it will offer seamless foreign currency exchanges with impressive agility – as a global digital currency, there are no foreign exchange currency conversion fees.

Assets Trust

Finally, an assets trust will play its role of fueling UCI’s ground floor, whether directly or indirectly. UCI will look to invest money into real estate, oil/gas, and precious metals, and other crypto-assets allowing its end-users to be protected by potential currency volatility.

These exciting ventures are expected to be adjacent to UCoin but integral to the Ucoin business and commerce ecosystem. UCI is more interested in developing very individually powerful solutions, legally standalone, yet still mutually beneficial to UCoin users and the cryptocurrency industry. UCoin and UCI’s future endeavors will certainly be symbiotic and strategically position do add value to our universal coin.