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Global Digital Currency – UCoin

The crucial element of the strategy is to establish UCoin and it’s worth in the marketplace as a universal currency. UCI will work with the necessary partners and alliances to enable the use, transfer, exchange, deposit, withdraw and savings of UCoin. The goal is to legitimize and bring usage and utility to the currency.

Ucoin  is a decentralized cryptocurrency that have the functionality of a voucher for the payment option for products and services from the UCI ecosystem. Structured as a pure ERC-20 compliant utility token on the Ethereum  network. The token provides right for specific access to the UCI platform, benefits, bonuses, privileges, and discounts within the ecosystem itself.  The more Ucoin tokens a holder has, the more privileges he will receive. This way Ucoin provides added value to its users not offered for other coins. UCoin tokens can be acquired throughout the Pre-Sale, and UTO.  The acquisition of UCoin tokens in the secondary market will be possible immediately after listing on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Built using blockchain technology, UCoin will inherently reap the benefits of a thriving community and a reliable e-commerce platform. In short, blockchain allows UCI to enable fast payment, costing little to no fees, and be globally accessible. Decentralization through the use of blockchain technology has many advantages, including:


Data stored in a blockchain is recorded and all changes that have been made since the beginning are traceable. It’s not possible to change this history.


Blockchain works with a very powerful encrypted protocol, forcing strict verification for transactions and making it extremely difficult to get between them.


All contracts are public on the blockchain and anyone can check transactions. This means no individual ends up with too much or too little power in any transaction.


Since each computer in the blockchain network has a copy of the entire blockchain’s history, it’s practically impossible to hack.


Since blockchain is run on a network of its users and lacks any central, vulnerable point, the network can’t easily be brought down.


UCoin’s Governance will be an open decentralized structure.

Ultimately, UCoin and all of the initial scaffolding UCI will need to construct in order to support it, are simply intended to be transparent extensions of the public’s needs. They are tools for no other process than to facilitate a better quality of life, allowing members of a global, digital economy to re-obtain their purchasing power and right to truly hold and exchange value without discrimination, prejudice, classism, or any other form of unfair and problematic systematic oppression. While our suite of solutions surely cannot resolve these deeply rooted issues single-handedly, we strongly foresee a valuable role in cryptocurrency’s mainstream adoption and ratification of the status quo.