In a swift and courageous act of economic disruption, Universal Coin International, Inc. (UCI) is bridging the stability of real assets with the fluidity, balance, and accessibility of the decentralized, digital currency revolution through the issuance of a global digital coin – UCoin. UCI is the issuer of UCoin cryptocurrency, an ERC20 utility token, created to work in an ecosystem of business applications and to utilize global circulation, as it is designed to be a long-term digital currency to address the holder’s basic, daily, real life transaction needs. UCoin currency is available, usable, and valuable to anyone. UCoin has the support of a global, financial, and commerce platform, focused on the needs and trust of the public, and ensured by blockchain technology.

The story begins with these simple inspirations, but future UCI projects will apply the same vision to a family of groundbreaking services: a cryptocurrency exchange, an efficient and fair money transfer system, and an assets trust, among others. While progress is up-hill in the world’s current, chaotic chapter of transition, UCI has the experience and viable blueprints for executing fully-backed, crypto financial solutions to many of our planet’s oldest problems, delivering them to the previously disenfranchised population.

Universal Coin International, Inc.



Universal Coin International, Inc. (UCI), is a diversified, financial services company at the technological and innovative forefront of digital currency through the issuance of global digital coins and their respective financial and commerce ecosystems.

UCI aims to bridge the worlds of finance and technology by offering a digital banking platform, a fiat and digital currency exchange, money transfer and an assets trust, thereby adding usage and utility to UCoin and other currencies for the betterment of consumers.

UCI is committed to the development of a financial ecosystem which is oriented towards the removal of cryptocurrency entry barriers and that secures customer use of cryptocurrencies for everyday life transactions.


In order to fully understand UCI and its revolutionary place in the newly digital financial landscape, it’s important to first understand the critical role financial institutions and currencies have played in establishing imbalances of power and controlling who has access to their omnipotent, centralized services. As far back as Roman civilization, appalling percentages of society’s currency and exchange have been controlled by central banks, which maintained control over the masses and continued to profit off their dependence.

Today, those tactics are no longer working as effectively as they once were, as influence and power have spread to individuals, ultimately accelerated by technology. The untapped sectors of humanity whom the institutions have failed or deliberately excluded can now contribute to and engage in a vibrant and dynamic financial ecosystem. UCI pairs a new dawn for digital technology with the fragments of yesteryear’s reliable and tangible assets in order to deliver realistic and relevant solutions in the wake of crumbling archaic economies.

Global Digital Currency – UCoin

The crucial strategy of UCoin is to establish its worth in the marketplace as a universal currency. UCI will work with the necessary partners and alliances to enable the use, transfer, exchange, deposit, withdrawal, and savings of UCoin. The goal is to legitimize it and bring usage and utility to the currency.

UCoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that has the functionality of a voucher payment option for products and services from the UCI ecosystem. Structured as a pure ERC-20 compliant utility token on the Ethereum network, the token provides specific access to the UCI platform, benefits, bonuses, privileges, and discounts within the ecosystem itself.  The more UCoin tokens a holder has, the more privileges he will receive. In this way, UCoin provides added value to its users that is not offered to holders of other coins. UCoin tokens can be acquired throughout the pre-sale period and UCoin Token Offering (UTO). The acquisition of UCoin tokens in the secondary market will be possible immediately after they are listed on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Built using blockchain technology, UCoin allows its user to reap the benefits of a thriving community and a reliable e-commerce platform. In short, blockchain allows UCI to enable fast payment, reducing the costs of traditional fees and remaining globally accessible. Several of the advantages of decentralization using blockchain technology include the following:


Data stored in a blockchain is recorded and all changes that have been made since the beginning are traceable. The history cannot be altered.


Since each computer in the blockchain network has a copy of the entire blockchain’s history, the risk of hacking is significantly low.


Blockchain works with a powerfully encrypted protocol, forcing strict verification for transactions, thereby making it extremely difficult to bypass.


Since blockchain is administered on a network of its users and lacks any central, vulnerable point, the network can’t easily be brought down.


All contracts are public on the blockchain and anyone can check transactions. This means no individual ends up with too much or too little power in any transaction.


UCoin’s governance will be an open, decentralized structure.

Ultimately, UCoin and all the initial scaffolding UCI will construct in order to support it, are intended to be transparent extensions of the public’s needs. They are tools for no other process than to facilitate a better quality of life, allowing members of a global, digital economy to re-obtain their purchasing power and right to truly hold and exchange value without discrimination, prejudice, classism, or any other form of unfair and problematic, systematic oppression. While our suite of solutions surely cannot resolve these deeply rooted issues single-handedly, we strongly foresee UCoin playing a valuable role in cryptocurrency’s mainstream adoption and ratification of the status quo.

Our Solution

In repurposing some of the useful parts of banking – namely, facilitating immediate, fluid, and trustworthy exchange, offering flexible payment options for efficient and convenient purchasing power in the real world, holding accounts and transferring funds between accounts, UCI aims to bridge the gap between the expected, functional services of financial institutions, and the revolutionary, inclusive nature of cryptocurrency. We believe we can offer what people need, realistically, in formats they understand and respect, while simultaneously solving issues of power, middlemen inefficiencies, access, and outdated banking infrastructure. The initial phase of our development is focusing on UCoin, a universal, borderless digital currency for usage on the following financial and commerce ecosystem.

UCoin’s digital currency ecosystem is based on the Ethereum blockchain technology and smart contracts that link holders to a diversified, digital, and international financial and service network developed for the crypto market. The ecosystem provides a one-stop ecosystem that enables crypto/fiat users to perform and execute daily life transactions according to their financial and service needs.  The ecosystem is built on strategic financial and commercial alliances, affording UCoin added value and universal utility in contrast to other coins on the market today.

UCoin digital currency ecosystem is based on the Ethereum blockchain technology and smart contracts that links its token holders to a diversified digital and international financial and service network developed for the crypto market. The ecosystem provides a one-stop ecosystem that enables crypto/fiat users to perform and execute daily life transactions according to their financial and service needs.  The ecosystem has being built on strategic financial and commercial alliances giving UCoin added value and universal utility in comparison with other coins in the markets today.

The Future of Money is Now.

UCoin Token Offering


Universal Coin International, Inc. offers UCoin, a decentralized cryptocurrency that addresses the most important issue confronting the cryptocurrency industry today: digital currency lack of usage. UCI will work directly or through joint ventures on projects outside the walls of the currency to assist it in usage and utility through banking services and products, deposits and withdrawals, credit and debit cards, exchange to fiat and vice versa, money transfer, and much more.

UCoin to Partner with Global Digital Bank

One of the first strategic alliances that UCI is establishing is a global digital branchless bank. An application for an international banking license in Puerto Rico has been submitted. An International Financial Entity (IFE), licensed in Puerto Rico under Act 273, is one of the most powerful international banking and financial services structures available. This International Financial Entities bank license in Puerto Rico can offer all manner of international banking, multicurrency exchange, brokerage, investment management, and financial services globally. Additionally, Puerto Rico is an ideal location due to its efforts to support the cryptocurrency industry, an unparalleled economic incentive, tax exemptions and tax credits packages for investors. Furthermore, as part of the U.S., Puerto Rico provides worldwide credibility and trust for investors and users.

The transactional digital, financial and commerce ecosystem offered by UCI and its strategic partners will allow for fiat and crypto deposits, access to multicurrency exchange capabilities, debit and credit cards, money transfer, etc., in essence, bringing life to everyday crypto currencies transactions on a global scope. While UCI’s intentions are to turn the financial industry on its head for the better, being cautious with compliance and adhering to the regulatory environments of the U.S. and elsewhere is imperative for success. Consequently, all users, including UCoin holders, must go through an on-boarding process and pass AML/KYC compliance.

The UCoin global, digital financial and ecommerce ecosystem will be extraordinary. The bread and butter of financial services, which, until now, much of the world had never been unable to access or afford, will be available. The digital technology platform of the branchless bank will be provided by Technisys, a leading provider of banking technology. This banking platform will prioritize affordability, accessibility, security, compliance, and reliability, plus it is  poised to help the user access the smartest mix of revolutionary and familiar applications and daily transactions. Remarkably, users can move between fiat and cryptocurrency interchangeably and harmoniously. Notably, UCI’s differentiator lies in its hybrid approach to marrying cryptocurrency’s benefits with traditional banking services because, while the definition of value is certainly changing over time, the platform must be backed by agreeably valuable resources. Access to Your Money Anytime, Anywhere is the hallmark of the mission.

Cryptocurrency Exchange – FIAT to Digital and Vice Versa

The goal is the achievement of UCoin’s global presence and recognition, with active consumers all around the world attaining real life, daily currency transaction anytime and anywhere. The next immediate need will be a cryptocurrency exchange. This exchange will allow for the trade and fluid conversion from digital currencies to fiat (and vice versa), which will be a useful and valuable component to UCI’s financial cryptocurrency ecosystem.  A state-of-the art, global digital banking platform will be the technological foundation for the exchange, giving the same, seamless experience with which UCI’s users are already familiar, for citizens of countries which require custom solutions.

Money Transfer 

UCI’s financial and e-commerce ecosystem will have access to traditional and mobile global money movement mechanisms through established affiliations with existing traditional banks and marketplace partners. Another future endeavor will be establishing a money transfer service (Utransfer), most likely via strategic agreements with already secure and compliant partners.  UCI’s team is well connected in this space and has already begun laying the groundwork for those relationships. The transfer service’s lifeblood will be cryptocurrency, keeping fees low and speeds high. Predominantly encouraging the use of UCoin, this transfer service will offer seamless foreign currency exchanges with impressive agility – as a global, digital currency, there are no foreign exchange currency conversion fees.

Assets Trust

Finally, an assets trust will assume the role of fueling UCI’s ground floor, whether directly or indirectly. UCI will invest money in real estate, oil/gas, precious metals, and other crypto-assets, thereby protecting its end-users from potential currency volatility.

These exciting ventures are expected to be adjacent to UCoin but integral to the Ucoin business and commerce ecosystem. UCI is more interested in developing very individually powerful solutions, legally standalone, yet still mutually beneficial to UCoin users and the cryptocurrency industry. UCoin and UCI’s future endeavors will certainly be symbiotic and strategically positioned to add value to our universal coin.

Universal Legacy & Inclusion Foundation

In agreement with the United Nations, the World Bank, and the World Economic Forum, UCoin aims to support and contribute to the Universal Financial Access Initiative 2020, addressing the needs of well over 40% of the world’s adult population that lacks one of the most basic amenities of modern life – a bank account. Today, over 2 billion people are lacking adequate financial services on a global scale. UCoin takes a globalized world approach to address financial inclusion for the unbanked and underserved population.

Our Team

UCI’s team is its most important asset. Hailing from a wide range of backgrounds, team members bring years of finance and banking experience, invaluable networks and connections, vast knowledge, and passion for the vision. Together, they have the means to revolutionize the way the world banks and thinks about banking and currency. UCI’s team has designed a business ecosystem to support UCoin with sustainable business solutions so that holders can use UCoin for day-to-day transactions with fiat and cryptocurrencies and retain its purchase value for the long term.

Pedro Viera

Operations Management

Sergio Cordero

Investors & Strategic Alliance Development

Jorge Muñoz

Finance and Banking

Charles Seminario

Strategic Business Development

Juan Vélez

IT & Blockchain Development

Mónica León

Operations and Compliance

Katherine Escandón

Customer Solutions

Gabriel Cumbe

Web & Multimedia Management


Our advisory board provides direction and guidance in fulfilling our vision through their extensive experience and expertise in related fields, as well as through securing fiduciary compliance for our products and services.

German Pugliese

Digital Banking & Financial Services Technology Advisor

Peter Formanek

Capital Market Advisor

Shauna Mei Devand

Crypto Advisor

Julio Marquez

Capital Market Advisor

Juan Lorenzo Martinez

Legal, Auditing, Taxes, and Accounting Advisor

Alberto William Dahik

Economic Advisor

Carlos Ugalde

Exchanges and Crypto Advisor

Ernesto Kruger

Innovation & Technology Advisor


Ever since man first attempted to form monetary systems, the resulting powers-that-be have snowballed into hierarchical and bloated sources of societal imbalance. They have fostered greed, privilege, and exclusivity in the name of trust and security. Blockchain, on paper, promised an end to all-powerful, central banks and institutions, yet it continues to fall just short of the mark in execution. While the list of hurdles is substantial, UCI tackles much of the complication by bridging finance and technology with an innovative solution that is both practical and radical: pick and choose the best parts of our previous systems – the parts that worked – and meticulously pair them with cryptocurrency’s ingenious way of moving us closer to equilibrium.

UCI and UCoin’s milestones will benchmark success based on qualitative and quantitative measurements of breadth and depth: how many people without prior access to financial services will now able to play an equal role in the system, and just how significantly effective and useful will these services be in helping change their lives for the better? Each step forward for our platform is one made to achieve homeostasis of wealth and power, aroused by a foreseeable digital future and cemented by definitive assets. Join us on the frontlines of cryptocurrency’s maturation and help write the next chapter for the world’s global fintech solution. UCoin: Access to Your Money Anytime, Anywhere.

Strategic Alliances


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